SEO – PBN Backlinks

Thank you for choosing premium backlinks from Marttel Digital Agency.

Here is some information about our premium backlinks about how they work and what you can expect.

To bring you nothing but the best results, have partnered up with one of the most popular SEO figures from USA. We work together to place your website for best possible keywords in private blog networks with 15-25 Trust Flow rating (Majestic SEO score).

Here are some of the results that you can expect, but please take note that these results are all different for each website because it depends on how much effort they have put into SEO efforts (From yourself and your competitors) and how competitive your industry is (Easier niches rank faster and extremely competitive niches take a longer time). These backlinks are extremely powerful and please consider this as a progress of climbing up the Google ladder.

These backlinks start to work 2-3 weeks from publishing and this is the sort of result you can expect to see on your Google search console or SERP checker tools:

These backlinks are permanent and SPAM free (Unlike ‘cheap’ backlinks that gets no results, harm your website, and drop links in weeks-months) and in the event the backlink drops for any reason, we will update it automatically from our side.

We are confident in our process and use 100% best practices with our PBNs to keep them from being found, creating footprints, or being penalized. However sometimes things do happen. If we ever lose a site for any reason, we will replace your link(s) at no charge.

You will receive screenshot of a keyword anchor text that we used for the PBN article. Anchor texts are main keyword/s used to describe what your website is about in association with your website domain, so that Google can see it and boost your SERP.

Thank you again for choosing Marttel Digital Agency Premium backlinks.